Why I haven't received invitation mail yet?

Check your spam folder to make sure it didn't end up there. You can also add the email address no-reply@smarttask.io to your address book to make sure that mail from SmartTask doesn't end up in your spam folder. Contact us at support@smarttask.io incase you need any help.

If you ever change the email address for your account, you'll need to verify your account again.

I am not able to view the organization I am part of

Check if you are able to see the organization name in the right dropdown menu. If you are able to view the organization name, click on it to open the organization. Change the default organization so whenever you login you would be viewing the same.

Not able to view organization / group settings

Only Organization Administrators can access Organization Settings, similarly only Organization and Group Administrators can access Group Settings.

We suggest that Department heads are made Group Admins of their respective department groups so that they can have full control over projects within those groups and can control invitations of Group members too.

Invited members are not able to access any Projects

Inherently Groups in an Organization are private. That means only members who are invited to a particular group can view projects within.

Projects by default are public to Group. This means all members​ ​within a group have access to public projects.

Is SmartTask available as Mobile app?

Yes! SmartTask is available both Android and IOS. Download the apps from the below links:

What is the best way to get help?

Feel free to contact us at support@smarttask.io for suggestions, feedback or any kind of assistance