Importing Tasks from CSV

Import tasks from Excel, SmartSheet or any CSV file.

With SmartTask's CSV import functionality one could move workflow out of excel, csv file to SmartTask. On importing the CSV file, tasks would be created with data mapped to relevant task fields like start date, description, assignee and Custom Fields.

Before we start the processing of importing tasks here are a few things to check in your CSV file:

  • The column names in the first row would be utilized by CSV importer to map to relevant task fields. You could change or modify the default mapping.

  • Assignee: SmartTask would detect responsible user through the email address. String with anything else than the email address would be ignored. Assignee expects only one email address.

  • Followers: Similar to Assignee, relevant followers would be deducted through the email addresses. String with anything else than the email address would be ignored. Followers accepts more than one email addresses.

  • Dates: You could track both Start and Due dates. In your spreadsheet separate the dates in 2 columns and make sure that the format is Indian date time format `DD-MM-YY` ex: 20-11-18. Format other than this would be ignored while import.

  • Subtasks: To import Subtasks, add a column called Parent Task. Fill the Parent Task with the exact name of the parent task in the corresponding row. The parent task should be located above the subtask row.

  • Other columns: You could track additional columns to Taskname, Description, Priority, Sections, Custom Fields. For Custom Fields, please make sure that you have already created the Custom Fields in Project before utilizing the import functionality. Mapping of Custom Fields and Dropdown option is case sensitive.




[Optional] Section under which the task is to be added.


[Required] Taskname of the task


[Optional] Email id of the assigned person


[Optional] Description of the task


[Optional] High, Medium, Low

Is Milestone

[Optional] SetTrue if its a milestone

Start Date

[Optional] In `DD-MM-YY` format

Due Date

[Optional] In `DD-MM-YY` format


[Optional] Complete or Incomplete

Parent Task

[Optional] Fill with exact name of the Parent task in the row above

Dependent On

[Optional] Fill with exact name of the Dependent On task in the row above


[Optional] Comma separated email-ids


[Optional] Comma separated name of the projects.

Other than the project where the task is being imported


[Optional] Comma separated name of the tags

Contact Phone

[Optional] SmartTask would try and find any Contact in organization which contains this phone number

Contact Email

[Optional] SmartTask would try and find any Contact in organization which is an exact match to this email-id

Custom Field Name (Dynamic)

[Optional] Value of the Custom Field

Using CSV Importer

  1. Click on the Dropdown arrow besides 'Add Task' button. Select 'Import from CSV' option.

  2. Map the CSV column on the left handside to the relevant task fields in the right.

  3. Clicking 'Import' button would start the import process.

When importing rows with Assignees / Followers / Tags / Projects / Custom Fields make sure that the corresponding Users / Tags / Custom Fields are already present in the organization.

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