Tasks are the most fundamental building blocks in every organization. In this section, Let's capture the fundamental concepts related to a task in SmartTask and its related functionalities.

When you track your work in SmartTask, everybody is clear on their responsibilities and accountability. Here are a few quick ways to start collaborating and tracking your work with your team:

  • Creating a task — The simplest way to create a task is by clicking on the "Add Task" button. One can also create a task from Email directly.

  • Assign a task — Collaborating for a task essentially means assigning tasks to yourself and your teammates. Give it a try and assign a task to a member in your team (even if they aren’t using SmartTask yet.) Provide details and information they need to complete the task.

  • Add a follower — Add stakeholders pertaining to a task as the followers so they can see any work on the task, communicate about it, and get notified about any related progress. You can add/remove followers at the right corner of the pane at the bottom of the task page. Try adding someone as a follower on one of the tasks you have just created.

  • Comment on a task — You can comment on a task to ask questions, respond to teammates, or offer extra information and insight. Comment on a task you created to give an update about it.

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