Task Assignee & Followers

Learn quickly how to assign a task to a team member and keep people in loop by adding them as a followers to an ongoing task.

Task Assignment

Assigning a Task

To assign a task: - Click on the assignee tab displayed on the right pane of the page - Start typing the name or email address of the user to whom the task needs to be assigned. - Select the user and assign the task.

Upon doing this functions, the assignee is automatically added as a follower and would get immediate notifications on task updates and comments.

Unassign a task

Select the team member to be unassigned and Click on the x on the right hand side of the assigned user.


Following a task is a great way to stay updated with all the task changes and comments. If you follow a task, you can see its updates in the Activity Stream.

You can easily follow or unfollow and invite other teammates as follower to any particular task. As soon as a user makes any change in a task he/she is automatically added to the task followers' list by default functionality.

Assigned user cannot be removed from the followers' list

Add all project members as followers

To add all members of a project to the followers list type and select "All Members" in the dropdown list.

Project/Group Type:

Who are added as followers on 'All Members' selection:

Private Project

Only project members

Public Project

All Group Members

Public Group

All core organization members

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