Initial Setup

Let go through initial steps in SmartTask

Set profile picture

Scientifically mind grabs an image a thousand times faster than words.

A picture is the quickest way to identify a teammate and colleague. Upload a picture that would assist your colleagues to prioritize your messages over other multiple users.

Setting your profile picture is simple. Just navigate the profile settings and clicking on the "Add profile picture" button.

Change Default Organization

Smarttask as the name suggests is an immensely smart application that lands the user into the frequently used organizational upon each login. If any other organisation is preferred as the default page, a change can be made in the profile setting.

A quick guide for setting default organization page is as given below.

SmartTask structure

Here is how an organization within SmartTask is structured:

Organization: is the highest level of the hierarchy. This gets further classified into groups/ departments , projects and members of the projects. Groups: Groups can be equated to the various departments in an organization. Example : Human Resources, Technical, Finance , IT and the like Projects: Projects is at the lowest level of this structure which are part of one or more groups depending on their nature. Example : Chandrayaan Mission, A new Marketing Campaign, etc.

Let's invite a few teammates to our organization

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