Working together as a team

Learn to synergise the power of teamwork and surpass milestones pertaining to project completion and organisational goals.

A task based tracking in SmartTask, ensures clarity on responsibility and accountability. The team is clear on each member's roles and responsibilities leading to comprehensive reporting. Now, that we have added our first tasks let's look at some tips on collaborating with your team on various project tasks.

Assign a task

Assign a task instead of sending email, chat messages, phone calls or personal visit (which consumes lot of time and cannot be tracked effectively). When you assign a task for a colleague it shows up in their "My Tasks" view and they will get an immediate notification.

Since you created the task, you are automatically added to the task's follower list, you would get informed when the task is completed or a comment / update is created by the assignee.

Tasks involving Multiple Team Members

Whenever there are multiple people collaborating together on a task / project or there are key managerial personnel who need to be notified on various task related updates then add them also as a follower to the particular task . All the Task followers are immediately notified whenever someone comments or updates the task. Followers can be added at any time during the progress of the task and such followers would be able to view, comment and update the task.

Set due date

Unless the task is of low importance or priority, assign a due date to the task. It helps set accountability and expectations are clear.

Easy Follow Up - Reminders

When a company deals in multiple projects, followups becomes the key to successful execution. SmartTask assists the followers(team members) to set a reminder on a task and the assignee / assignor would automatically be reminded of the task for a quick status update.

Comment on a task

Comment on a task whenever you need to discuss the work with your team. That way, the discussion stays in context with the task which can be referred by other team mates too, and also you can easily navigate back to it (even after the task is complete).

Stay in touch and send simple messages

Encouragement and expressions of motivation are immensely impactful in contributing to a project's success. Send quick messages like "Great work!", "thanks", "got it!" to acknowledge task completion, appreciate your teammate's effort. Small gestures go a long way!

Never forget to tick on notifications

When there are changes to the status of a particular task such as updates, comments, completion then all the followers are notified. These notifications get recorded and chronologically listed in the notification feed. Hence, it is advisable to archive non relevant notifications. This helps de-clutter your notification feed.

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