Quick Start

Welcome! SmartTask is the most efficient way for you and your team to achieve great results. This quick start article would help you learn basics.

Organization Structure:

Organization: is the highest level of the hierarchy. This gets further classified into groups/ departments , projects and members of the projects. Groups: Groups can be equated to the various departments in an organization. Example : Human Resources, Technical, Finance , IT and the like Projects: Projects is at the lowest level of this structure which are part of one or more groups depending on their nature. Example : Chandrayaan Mission, A new Marketing Campaign, etc.


1. Sidebar Access groups, projects and members in the organization by navigating from the sidebar.

2. Navigation Bar helps you to check various tasks assigned, check task notifications as well as browse through the organization view and access a number of other features pertaining to the settings.

3. Header allows you to toggle between tasklist, chat view, analytics and timeline view.

4. Tasklist Pane displays all tasks allocated to a user based on the task type selected.

5. Task Detail Pane opens upon selection of a particular task on the list. It displays all relevant details of a task , for instance a task name, description, attached files, comments, date and followers to the tasks in a detailed manner.

Quick clip on understanding the Simple Navigation of the Interface...

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