Project Basics

Learn all about project settings and visibility

There can be multiple projects in an organization. A project can either be private or public to the group.

  • Public Projects: A public project is accessible to all the members of the group. Any project is a public project by default.

  • Private Projects: A private project is only visible to select members. It can be identified by the lock icon beside its name.

Create a Project

To create a project in the group, click on the ‘+’ icon beside the projects section in the side bar.

Project Settings


  1. Name Tab: At any point of time, you can change the project’s name if required.

  2. Users Tab: Through this tab, you can add or remove users from the project.

  3. Administration Tab: Through this tab, you can change the project's administrators.

  4. Advanced Tab: This tab will enable you to delete the project. This will also delete any unassigned tasks associated only with the deleted project.

Users Tab

Users in a project can only be modified if the project is private. In a public project, all group members have access to it. Add Users to Project: Simply enter a user's email-id or name and select the user from the dropdown menu. Remove Users from Project: To remove a user from a project click on 'Remove' button on the right of the user's name.

Only organization / group / project administrators have access to project settings.

Administration Tab

Adding Administrators: The creator of the project is automatically registered as the administrator of the project. To assign new administrators, add user’s name or email id and click on the option ‘Make Admin’. Removing Administrators: One can also remove any admin by selecting the option ‘Remove as admin’ visible on the right-hand side of the administrator’s name.

Advanced Tab

Duplicate Project

Many a times we take similar steps in multiple projects. For such projects we can create a Template Project which can be duplicated whenever a new project comes in.

Move Project

Move project from one group to another. This is mainly used when you duplicate a project present in the Template group, which would like to move to relevant group.

Delete Project

When a project is delete all the tasks that are un-alloted and only present in the project will be deleted.

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