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Have a comprehensive view of all your projects through Portfolio. Learn how Portfolios work
A Portfolio is a centralized view of your projects. They help you organize your projects and offer you real-time monitoring. You can keep your entire team updated on the progress of multiple projects.

Creating a Portfolio will let you:

  • Add projects in the portfolio.
  • Use Milestones to track your projects more accurately.
  • View the current status of each project.
  • View project progress %.
  • View the number of overdue tasks.
  • View the project owner.

Create Portfolios:

  • Click on the Portfolios field on the top left sidebar.
  • Click on create group.
  • Provide group name.

Add Projects to the Portfolio:

  • Click on Add Project.
  • Search the project name.
  • Click Add.

Share Portfolio:

  • Click on three dot icon next to your group name.
  • Select Share with members.
  • Search and select the Member name.
  • Click Add to Group.

Delete Portfolios:

  • Click on the three dot icon next to the group name.
  • Select Remove Group.