Group Basics

Group is second layer in the organization. Lets learn more about groups.

There can be multiple groups in an organization. It can be thought of as a department in an Organization. For eg: Accounts, Marketing, Engineering, etc. Basically it is a team within an organization.

Create a Group

You can create different groups for varied purposes which suit best for your organization. Click on ‘ADD NEW GROUP’ in the side bar.

Group Settings

The group settings are identical to those of the organization settings with very little difference.

  1. Name Tab: Change Group name.

  2. Users Tab: This tab will show you the current users in the group. Through this, you can add users from within the organization or invite users from outside. Change the visibility of the group (5).

  3. Administration Tab: Through this tab, an administrator can add or remove group's administrators.

  4. Advanced Tab: This tab will enable you to delete the group.

Deleting a group would delete all the projects and tasks associated with it. No group members will then have access to the group once deleted.

Visibility of group

There are 2 types of group in SmartTask:

  • Public group is visible to all core members of the organization.

  • Private group is only visible to members you have explicitly invited to the group.

Toggle between the group types by clicking on the option marked as 5 in the picture above.

Users Tab

Invite users

Invite users from outside the organization or add users from within the organization.

Start typing the user's name or email-id and select the user from dropdown menu. If there is no user by the name or email-id you would be prompted to invite them to the organization. An invitation email is sent to the invited users.

Remove users

To remove a user from the group, click on the 'Remove' button on the right side of the user's name. Please take note, that the user will still be part of the organization.

Only organization or current group administrators have the right to access group settings.

Administration Tab

Add Group Admin

To assign new administrators, add user’s name or email id and click on the option ‘Make Admin’.

Creator of the group is automatically registered as the administrator of the group by default.

Only members who are part of the group can be made administrator.

Remove Group Admin

You can remove any admin by selecting the ‘Remove as admin’ option visible on the right hand side of the administrator’s name.

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