Creating interaction history

The record pertaining to Customer activity feed aids in referring back to an older conversation and getting ourselves updated quickly.

Most often a sales person is interacting with multiple prospects at a single point in time. It becomes immensely difficult to remember what transpired in the last meeting, fine details that are critical to successful closing of a deal, etc. Here is where SmartTask comes to your rescue.

With SmartTask in place, maintain customer interactions. Refer back to an old conversation to get updated on the last discussion with a client.

Here is how to maintain contact's activity feed:

  1. Select the relevant task you are going to execute in relation to a client.

  2. Click on Attach Contact option under more button in the task detail view.

  3. In the modal, type in the contact's name you want to attach.

  4. (Optional) Incase there is no contact by that name, create a new contact.

  5. Once selected the contact is attached to the task and task is now visible in the contact's activity feed.

Here is how contact activity feed looks like after multiple tasks are associated with a contact

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