How to troubleshoot location tracking

We here a lot of cases of server not receiving location information. To troubleshoot location tracking, the first step is to check the Geo status page in the mobile app:

  1. Click on the top-right (...) button in the mobile app.

  2. Select "More" in the dropdown menu.

  3. Click on "Geo Status".

Here's a screen shoot of Geo Status screen in the mobile:

There are basically three reason why gps locations are not being updated on server:

  1. Background service is not running - Some phones like Xiaomi are know to kill background service. (Do let us know if you are facing issue with a particular manufacturer or model) - Battery saver setting is ON. This kills background service. - Try restarting the service.

  2. App doesn't have needed permissions - SmartTask needs access to GPS, location service module in phone without it won't be able to track location.

  3. Location settings is OFF - Location settings, GPS needs to be ON to track location.

Best way to check if your mobile is killing background service

  • Open Google Play's Music player app and play a song

  • Open any other app and keep it open for a while

  • If the song stops playing, your phone is killing background service and it is also prone to killing SmartTask's location service.

Basic Settings to Check

Location is set to High Accuracy

  • Open Settings

  • Search for 'Location Settings'

  • Set the option to 'High Accuracy'

Mobile data always On

  • Open Settings

  • Click on 'More'

  • Select 'Mobile Networks' Or 'Cellular Network'

  • Check Mobile data to always On

Mobile Data Roaming is active

  • Open Settings

  • Click on 'More'

  • Select 'Mobile Networks' Or 'Cellular Network'

  • Check Data Roaming to On

Switch Off Battery optimization

  • Open Settings

  • Go to Apps

  • Click on the Settings icon on the Top Right Side

  • Scroll Down and Click on Special Access

  • Now Click on Battery Optimization

  • Click on not optimised

  • Now Select All Apps

  • Now Tap on SmartTask App

  • Now Select don’t optimize.

Make sure that you have installed any Battery saver applications

Add App to Protected application's list

New versions of Android has a Protected Applications list. Apps in this list are not killed for saving battery.

  • Open Settings

  • Search for 'Protected Apps'

  • Select SmartTask App and switch the toggle to On

Add App to Unrestricted Data

New versions of Android has a settings called 'Unrestricted Data'.

  • Open Settings

  • Search for 'Unrestricted Data'

  • Select SmartTask App and switch the toggle to On

Allow App to AutoStart

  • Open Settings

  • Search for AutoStart setting

  • Switch it ON

Allow App to run in background

  • Many phones restrict application from continuously running in background.

  • Please check for relevant settings and set app to run in background.

Mobile Manufacturers and known issues


Lenovo models like A6000 are known to kill foreground/background services. This means when the app is switched off and no longer available in the app drawer there are chances that SmartTask location service would be killed by the OS stopping SmartTask server from receiving latest locations.

Models not supported

  • Lenovo A6000

Here are some steps you could try

Allow App in Background
Lock App
Allow App in Background
  • Go To Settings

  • Power Manager

  • Background app management

  • Allow SmartTask to run in background to get notification even when the device is locked.

Lock App

Long press menu button to see current running apps. Tap and hold the app you wish to keep running in background and drag it down. It should lock the app.


Security App
Settings Section
Lock Icon
Security App

Find and open Xiaomi's security app and apply following settings

  • Battery - Create a new profile

    • Clean Memory - Never

    • Networks - On

    • GPS - On

    • All other settings - as default

  • Battery - Battery Saver - Off

  • Battery - Schedule profile/power - Off

  • Data Usage - Data usage stats

    • Find SmartTask in the list

    • Switch On - mobile, wifi, background data

  • Permissions

    • Autostart - Allow SmartTask to autostart on startup

    • Make sure SmartTask has permission to access location.

Some of the above settings may not be present in all Xiaomi devices

Settings Section
  • Additional Settings - Battery

    • Manage apps battery usage

      • Switch Off power saving mode

      • Choose apps Settings

        • Navigate to SmartTask

        • Custom - Stay connected, allow background location

    • Privacy - Privacy Settings

      • Select lock individual apps and then `choose apps to lock`

Lock Icon

Make sure that SmartTask is running, now press the button besides Home button. A list of running apps would popout .

  • If SmartTask has a lock icon on top of it, don't follow the next step. 

  • If there is no lock icon on SmartTask, pull down SmartTask app and a lock icon would now be visible on top right of the app.


  • Add the APP to run in background in the iManager white list.

  • iManager > Power manager > Excessive background battery usage > switch on the app

Best mobile manufacturers for location tracking

  • Any stock Android phone

  • Samsung devices

  • Motorola (Moto G series)

  • Oneplus