Slack Integration

Make Slack communications actionable with SmartTask integration. Convert conversations to tasks in SmartTask.

Getting Started

Click on this Link to install SmartTask app in Slack. Login to Slack and you would be prompted to authorize SmartTask to access Slack information.

You can also go to the Apps section in your workspace and search for SmartTask in Slack's App directory.

The fastest way to onboard your team to SmartTask's Slack integration is to make a task in SmartTask with a link for the team to activate their SmartTask App in Slack.

If you are not the first person to add SmartTask App to Slack you would see a message as below to connect your SmartTask account with Slack

Using Slack Integration

The SmartTask Slack integration allows you to convert conversations to actionable tasks or comments in SmartTask.

Slash Commands

  • Use /smarttask add to create a task. You can add text after the command which will pre-fill the taskname.

  • Use /smarttask link to link the current channel with a project in SmartTask to get notified on project updates.

  • Use /smarttask settings to change the default organization linked with Slack. Default organization is where new tasks would be created.

  • Use /smarttask help to see what all is possible with SmartTask's Slack integration.

Turn a Slack message into a task, or add a message to an existing task

Convert conversations in Slack and turn them into a task, or add as a comment to an existing task. In Slack, select the conversation. Click the more messages button and select either Create a task or Add to task. A link will be created in the SmartTask task so that you can re-access the Slack conversation for further context.

Create a Task

Type /smarttask add to create a new task in SmartTask without leaving Slack.

Get New Task and Task completion notifications from project by linking the project with the a Slack channel by using /smarttask link command.

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