Invite Teammates [Admin]

Invite team members and start collaborating with them.

Smart Task is one of the best application resource for project and operational management available in the market. After execution of the simple steps for setup of groups, projects and initial tasks, the teammates are invited for engaging them. Start assigning and monitoring various project, tasks to the team members.

Start with a few teammates

Every process of onboarding into a new system for amplifying organizational performance is laden with teething issues. Encouraging the team to participate effectively in the orientation process needs to be effected in a seamless manner. The best way forward would be to start with a few teammates and extrapolate the use case to the entire team.

A good test group could be a few of your most trusted coworkers, or teammates you work with frequently that might be a smaller subset of your whole team. The subset needs to be a sample of the entire population comprising of teammates from every department / project concerned. You can use our standardised email template to invite your teammates and set expectations.

Proposing the value of SmartTask

The value of every new application is established in clear terms only upon provision on information of the advantages / benefits of the tool. Here are some benefits you can highlight to get the teammates on board:

  • Who is Doing What and When—SmartTask summarises the task execution status by the team mates and the respective timeline. Let us avoid the time lost on repeated phone calls and unfruitful meetings.

  • Client interaction history — With SmartTask you can have history on each interaction with client and their contact details. Let's reflect and communicate in a logical manner even after timelines like 6 months or even a year.

  • Plan of Action Oriented Execution — Presently every company uses emails, messengers and other office memos for communication feedback only. Upon implementation of SmartTask you can discuss work directly using the application rendering every discussion / communication complete with determination of actionable points.

  • Immediate overview — Impactful tracking on real time basis , leading to objective measurement of project execution and goals.

  • Optimized Decision Making - SmartTask assists in making the right decisions as the top management has all the details in one designated place. Hence the decision process is enhanced and much more accurate.

  • Document Sharing - Document sharing in a common space enables team members to find more comprehensive documents, wireframes, specifications etc. which enable transparency and communication leading to better project execution.

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