Automatic Check-ins

Automatic check-ins are questions that prompt your team to share updates regularly with everyone in the project. Think about it as an alternative to stand-up meetings.

Automatic check-ins is SmartTask’s alternative to stand-up meetings.

The motto of the stand-up meeting is to have a quick update about everyday work. But we know that things slip, schedule slides and you can get busy. Factors like this contribute towards inconsistency in daily meetings and before you know, there are no longer any meetings.

SmartTask provides a simple yet highly useful solution for this.

Automatic check-in keeps the members up to date with the daily work and it also helps the members to know each other better.

At SmartTask, we use this feature to find out what work everyone did today. Every evening, we receive a notification to comment about what we did today. The next automatic check-in is to know which pizza everyone wants, as we have an office ritual of having pizza for lunch on the 1st of every month. Therefore, at 1:00 PM, we all receive a notification to comment on the pizza that we would like to have.

You can create custom check-ins, according to your needs. Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can set up automatic check-ins:

To set up an automatic check-in, click on the automatic “check-ins” option on the left side of your screen.

Type the question that you want to ask.

In the “who do you want to ask” option, select the project whose members you want to ask the question to. Select the project that has all the members of the organization so that each member can answer your question. If there is no project in which all the members are added, we suggest you create a new project and add all the members to that project.

Then select the date and time. You can also set it on repeat according to your workflow. You can set the repeat on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

The final step is to click on the create button.

Once you have created the automatic check-ins, all the members will receive a notification via an email, desktop pop-up and mobile notification to which they can reply back.

The answers would be collated and send across as a summary to everyone in the team at end of the day.

How to edit/delete an Automatic Check-in:

Go to the automatic check-in and click on the edit button.

Now you can change the question, edit the project or the members, change date and time and the repeat settings.

If you wish to delete the automatic check-in, you just need to click on the delete button.

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