Adding Contacts

Learn quicky the ways of adding a contact to SmartTask and associate it with parent company.

A company is created to profit from serving its clients and prospective clients, who complete the meaning of a company. Similarly, a productivity tool is incomplete without a dedicated CRM module. Let's look at how we can create meaningful contacts in SmartTask.

Adding a contact to an Organisation

To add a contact click the All Contacts link in the left side menu of the page. It will open up the contact list view. Add a contact by clicking on the Add Contact button. Fill all the relevant details and then Categorize the contact by adding a relevant tag.

Adding a person as a contact

Most of the time we are talking to multiple individual contacts in a particular company. Here's where associated contact feature is very helpful. All of the contacts pertaining to a single client organization are consolidated in the Associated Contacts view.

The process of adding a person is similar to that of adding an organization contact.Only difference being this individual contact would be associated with a parent organization contact and the position of the individual in the respective organisation would be created.

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