Project Permissions

Learn all about project permissions

Project permissions affect who has access to projects, chat, timeline and tasks under the project.

If somebody has access to project, then they have access to chat, timeline and tasks in the project.

Project Types


Accessible by:


Project members

Public to Group

All core group members

There are two types of projects: public and private. Public projects is accessible to all the group's core members. Private project is only accessible to members who have been explicitly invited.

A guest user if invited to a project would be able to access tasks, chat and timeline of the project.

Project user permissions


Only the organization, group and projects administrators can:

Edit Users

These users would be able to create, modify and delete tasks within a project. But edit users can't modify the project permissions or change the project settings, due date or description.

Comment Only Users

These users would only be able to comment on tasks, make changes to the task section or attach files. Incase a task is assigned to a comment only user they would be able to change the assignee or mark the task complete.

Table overview on user permissions

The table below is an comparison between permissions for edit users and comment only users.

Edit Users

Comment only

Comment only and assignee

Create Tasks

Delete Tasks

Modify Assignee

Modify assignee if the task is unassigned

Modify Assignee

Modify Dates

Complete Tasks

Complete Tasks

Change Taskname and description

Change priority

Modify Custom Fields

Add and remove attachments

Add and remove attachements

Add and remove attachments

Add subtasks

Add reminder

Modify Dependencies

Modify task projects

Modify Tags

Modify Sections

Modify Sections

Modify Sections

Comment on tasks

Comment on tasks

Comment on tasks

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