CRM & sales management

Fruitful business interactions with clients are characterised by meaningful as well as result oriented communication.

Many well researched results state that on an average 5 follow ups with a prospect is required to crack a successful deal. The sales team interacts with thousands of target customers simultaneously. Hence, this creates the requirement of a systematic follow up mechanism that aids in seamless integration of the sales follow up mechanism.

SmartTask aids you not only to tasks to create tasks but also to follow up with a prospective customer, it also aids the company to track the journey of a customer through various processes pertaining to the sales pipeline. Refer to the video below for a quick tutorial.

Adding a Contact to a Task

When a task is associated with a contact, it is also added the contact's activity feed for us to refer back to. Many a times we don't remember what transpired with a contact in the last meeting and that is where Activity feed is very helpful.

Track deal's status with sales pipeline

Track deal stage or milestone through application of customised tags in SmartTask. Update teammates about status of an account by tagging the stage of sales process with tags such as Pitch Made, Meeting Scheduled, Deal Won or Deal Lost. Sales pipeline also aids an organisation to understand the impact of the strategic planning and improvise upon the same.

With Smart Task easy analytics, figure out on a daily basis , the success of a sales strategy.

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